Hi, I’m Nathan.

rounded collar - longI am a Christian minister, husband, father, and musician on a journey toward a simple, profound faith in Jesus.

I’d love for you to join me.

My goals are to help you build discipline, defeat distraction and–ultimately–hear God.

Years ago I realized that my spiritual growth was directly related to my levels of overall personal discipline and distraction. After a long period of spiritual frustration, feeling as if there just had to be more to my relationship with my Creator, I discovered Christian meditation in the form of lectio divina. I began to take my commitment to knowing God (not just knowing about God) more seriously.

Slowly, I found more peace, and deeper faith.

I’m now the father of three, working in full-time ministry at a university and serving as clergy in my church. In the midst of these many blessings, the cares and occupations of my life can still creep up on me. The journey’s not over yet, but I want share everything I’ve learned so far with you.

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