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My top 3 spiritual struggles

If there’s one thing I’m not a fan of, it’s the goes-without-saying assumption that Christian leaders should basically pretend like they never struggle with anything, at least not in the present. If it was a long time ago, that’s okay, because it’s in the past. But we really can’t have our leaders admitting weakness in the here and now, right? Wrong! Read more

Stop resisting God’s grace. Start resisting false gods.

My pastor has been preaching on it. My friends and coworkers have been practicing it. It keeps coming up in conversation.

Read more

Have we over-sexualized friendship?

Two fascinating articles came across my radar last week. Both of them deal with how the Evangelical culture has largely abandoned a spiritual view of friendship, and each challenged me on multiple levels. I think they make points worth pondering. Read more

4 reasons I’m afraid of silence

If you’re like me, you fill most waking moments with some sort of noise. Maybe it’s music, the radio, TV, Pandora, or podcasts. Too often, I find that the noise I’m shoving in my ears is my own voice. Read more

This Quote Has Been Haunting Me for Weeks

No short cut exists for a deeper spiritual life…the man who would know God must give time to Him.

~ A. W. Tozer

This quote by one of my favorite Christian authors has been haunting me for weeks.

Haunting me because I know it is true and no talk of “quality over quantity” can ever fully extinguish the conviction I have in my own soul that I don’t spend enough time with God. Read more

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