A Prayer for Father’s Day

Heavenly Father,
you entrusted your Son Jesus,
the child of Mary,
to the care of Joseph, an earthly father.
Bless all fathers
as they care for their families.
Remember too all those who have help fill the void
when fathers pass early or are absent:
grandfathers and uncles, brothers and cousins, teachers,
pastors and coaches and the women of our families.
Give them strength and wisdom,
tenderness and patience;
support them in the work they have to do,
protecting those who look to them,
as we look to you for love and salvation,
through Jesus Christ our rock and defender.


Adapted from prayers by Rev. Chuck Currie and others at https://www.xavier.edu/jesuitresource/online-resources/Fathers-Day-Prayers.cfm

What I believe about immigration and giving up the right to bear arms, in brief

I am in favor of Christians treating illegal immigrants humanely, hospitably, and fairly (and advocating for the same) as a witness to the future universal Kingdom, imperfectly present now in the Church, where the gates will never be shut at the end of the day (Rev. 21:25)

I am not in favor of the breaking of reasonable, just civil laws without extreme extenuating circumstances.

I am in favor of Christians voluntarily giving up their right to bear arms (and advocating for the same) as a witness to the future universal Kingdom, imperfectly present now in the Church, where swords will be beaten into plowshares (Is. 2:4)

I am not in favor of a blanket condemnation on all forms of self-defense or any penalty (ecclesiastical or civil) toward those that choose not to voluntarily give up their right to self-defense.

Christians are weak and lawless

Christians are indeed by definition weak and lawless according to worldly standards.

Our weakness is in loving our enemies and caring for the stranger, even though it’s risky.

Our lawlessness is a rejection of any authority that would seek to usurp the Lordship of Christ who commands us to do those things.

But we are not weak, we only appear that way.

Jesus appeared weak on the cross to many, like a lamb led to the slaughter, but he defeated death there once and for all. This is how God works through Christ, and how he works through us–Christ’s Body on earth (2 Cor. 12:9-11).

And we are not lawless.

Only now we live not by laws grounded in lies and worldly commitments. These always result in suffering and death for others. No, we are empowered to live according to a different kind of law that leads us–through death to ourselves–to life. This is the law of love, which comes from the Spirit (Rom. 8, 13:10)