A typical week for a small-church pastor

A typical week for this small-church pastor, when everything goes according to plan:

Every day: Wake around 6:30am – 7am, sleep around 10:30pm. Kids are usually all in bed between 8pm-9pm. 

Sunday:  Grab something to eat while barely getting 3 kids out the the door by 8:15am. Services at  9am & 11am. Lunch on the go. Early afternoon take Communion to sick/homebound as needed. 5pm alternating between catechesis (ongoing instruction in the faith) and small-group. Home around 7pm.

Monday: Get kids out the door by 7:45am, hang out with them during school breakfast. Head back home for prayer time at 9am. Head to gym around 10am. Pastoral/networking meetings for lunch, preliminary sermon prep at the church office in the afternoon. Take one kid to martial arts at 5pm. Home around 7pm. Chores/email/reading/Clash Royale, etc 8pm-9:30pm.

Tuesday: Drop kids at school around 8:30am, back at home for prayer at 9am. Go for a run after that, and stay home the rest of the day work on sermon uninterrupted. Hang out with kids while Amber runs worship rehearsal at church from 5pm-7pm. Spend time hanging out with Amber around 8:00pm – 9:30pm.

Wednesday: Drop my youngest at daycare around 8am. Head to church for some prayer time in sanctuary before bread delivery ministry 9:30am-10:30am. 11am meeting with my admin. Finish any admin stuff I haven’t done so far: bulletin, newsletter, scheduling volunteers, emails, etc. Pick up daughter from day care at 1pm, head to get the other two from early release at school. Home around 3pm, hang with kids till Amber gets home close to 4:30pm. Back to the church at 5pm for a meal with our homeless friends. Back home around 7:30pm for bedtime. 8pm-9:30pm chores/email/reading/Clash Royale, etc.

Thursday: Drop kids at school at 8:30am, head to church. Prayer time, followed by my weekly review at 10:00 am to make sure nothing is falling through the cracks. 12:15pm Holy Eucharist service. 1:30pm – 2:30pm pastoral/networking meetings, admin tasks, etc. Home by 3:15pm to meet Amber and pick up kids from school together. From there head to yoga (gym childcare ftw) 4:30-5:30. Home around 6pm, dinner/family time till 8pm. Then chores/email/reading/Clash Royale, etc until 9:30pm.

Friday: I try to make Fridays my Sabbath. I take the kids to school, then usually head to gym. Have some prayer time. Once a month I see my spiritual director on this day. Watch my youngest daughter 3pm – 7pm while Amber picks up the others and heads to their activities (martial arts and ballet). Around 8pm hang out with Amber.

Saturday: Family activities including getting together with friends all day. After kids go to bed sermon review.