The Discipline of Proclaiming the Gospel

We’re talking about a discipline of proclaiming the Gospel as a practice of faithful presence.

In the fellowship of the faithful, we might sometimes be tempted to think that we have moved beyond the simple Gospel truths. In reality, we never move beyond them, only “further up, and deeper in” as C. S. Lewis wrote.[1] As we discern the presence of Christ, as we proclaim the Good News of his faithful presence with us both in history and in the present and in the future, we learn what it means to live in light of his Lordship in every area of our lives together. Continue reading The Discipline of Proclaiming the Gospel

The Discipline of Reconciliation

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Antagonism is that spirit of opposition that seems so prevalent in society today. The world runs on antagonism, says David Fitch. Do any of us really disagree? Us vs. them seems to be the default worldview in our culture; indeed in most cultures. This is of course a direct result of the Fall. It started with the very first family, when, as result of sin (not as part of the Divine Plan) God says to Eve that her desire will be for her husband but he will rule over her (Gen. 3:16).

It continued with many heartbreaking examples from the Old Testament. The estrangement between Joseph and his brothers, the relational and power struggle between David and Saul, even the bickering among the disciples all stand out as examples of an antagonistic world view continuing even into the New Testament.

If you want to see antagonism in the present time, check the news. Continue reading The Discipline of Reconciliation

The discipline of the Lord’s Table

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The discipline of coming together regularly around the Lord’s Table helps us return to Christ and trains us to tend to Christ’s presence not just here, but everywhere we find ourselves during the week.

Think about some of what we do every time we gather around the table: Continue reading The discipline of the Lord’s Table

God’s plan to change the world

In the beginning, out of love, God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) creates light, creates a world, creates human beings to reflect his love to one another and back to him as a kind of mirror, as living images of the loving creator. God walks with his people in the cool of the day.[1] They know his presence. They live in his presence.

Yet human beings rebelled against God in the garden of Eden and the whole world has suffered for millennia. The rift in relationship between God and humanity has caused us to wonder if God has left us. Continue reading God’s plan to change the world