Roman Catholics Are Christians Too: What We Have in Common

I’ve found it interesting–and disconcerting–that in many evangelical circles there is a high degree of suspicion regarding Roman Catholicism. “Are Roman Catholics even Christians?” I’ve heard some ask, “Isn’t the Roman Catholic Church kind of like a cult?”

I’ve noticed quite a few misconceptions about Roman Catholic belief and practice among my friends and acquaintances, so this series will be an attempt to set the record straight and establish that yes, the Roman Catholic Church is indeed a Christian Church1, and Roman Catholics are Christians. We will also examine some of the more misunderstood and/or controversial Roman Catholic doctrines together. Read More

Do Roman Catholics Worship Saints? The Answer May Surprise You

Altar & NaveI’ve often heard accusations against Roman Catholics of idolotry–even a subtle polytheism–because of the language that they often use of “praying to the saints.” It’s common to hear further allegations that Roman Catholics engage in “conjuring the dead,” an occult practice that is forbidden in the Scriptures.

In fact, Roman Catholics do not worship the saints, and are not engaged in occult practices. Read More

Hail Mary: What Roman Catholics Really Think About the Mother of Jesus

Templo Expiatorio San Luis Gonzaga,Monterrey,Estado de Nuevo León,MéxicoHail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee; blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

This petition causes no small amount of distress to self-identified Protestants and Evangelicals the world over. I hope I’ve already demonstrated that Roman Catholics are not engaged in worshiping the saints when they ask them for prayer, so that particular issue won’t be in view here. However, Marian devotion can still be confusing to those of us that have backgrounds in the free churches or conservative Evangelical traditions. What’s up with making such a big deal out of Mary? Have Roman Catholics elevated her to the status of (a) God? What do Roman Catholics think about the role of Mary in salvation?

Let’s get started! Read More

Why Protestants Don’t Get How Roman Catholics Talk About Justification

Cemented in the Protestant doctrinal ethos is the great Reformation declaration, Sola Fide! We are justified before God by faith in Jesus Christ alone, not by any efforts or works of our own. Even this faith is a gift from God. Justification for most Protestants (especially those in Reformed circles) means the declaration before God that we are made right with him by virtue of Christ’s merits. Read More