The man who created the web has some regrets

The increasing centralization of the Web, he says, has “ended up producing—with no deliberate action of the people who designed the platform—a large-scale emergent phenomenon which is anti-human.”

Tim Berners-Lee

Think about that for a second. Is the centralization of the web truly anti-human? A bit dramatic to be sure, but I think this guy is on to something.

And if he’s right, this must be counteracted.

God’s plan to change the world

In the beginning, out of love, God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) creates light, creates a world, creates human beings to reflect his love to one another and back to him as a kind of mirror, as living images of the loving creator. God walks with his people in the cool of the day.[1] They know his presence. They live in his presence.

Yet human beings rebelled against God in the garden of Eden and the whole world has suffered for millennia. The rift in relationship between God and humanity has caused us to wonder if God has left us. Continue reading God’s plan to change the world

Looking forward to the ESV Anglican Edition

I’ve been wanting/needing a solid pew Bible that will include the Deuterocanon, and the English Standard Verson is our current reading and preaching translation for public worship at DMAC, so I’m excited about a recent announcement that an Anglican edition will be published soon with the whole of Scripture as the Anglican Church has received it. Continue reading Looking forward to the ESV Anglican Edition

Packing a 13 liter backpack + small messenger for a 3 day trip


For the past several years I have been challenging myself to pack light, so I can go fast. No waiting for checked baggage on arrival when traveling by air, no returns to the car to unload tons of stuff at the hotel when traveling by auto. With less stuff, I’m more mobile, less worried about losing things, and I learn to live with only what I really need.

For my last three-day trip to Georgia, USA, I packed pretty light (almost ultra light) and I thought it’d be worth sharing here. Something I did a bit different this time was to go the two-bag route. Continue reading Packing a 13 liter backpack + small messenger for a 3 day trip

Home from the hospital

After a rough couple of days I am home from the hospital and feeling much better; that said it will be a while yet before I’m 100%, and a while yet before we understand all the reasons behind some of my chronic issues and this specific set of symptoms. Current possibilities include everything from ordinary illness coupled with psychosomatic reactions (like a panic attack) to Valley Fever (yay) to mold in my lungs. I’m scheduled to follow-up with a gamut of specialists over the next several weeks along with an array of tests and more follow-up tests. Continue reading Home from the hospital